Top Currency Exchange Spots in Dubai

Dubai is a global tourist destination that showcases a unique blend of modernity, cultural tradition, natural landscapes, and outdoor activities. So traveling to Dubai can be an exciting adventure. However, being a tourist is not free of cost. Money is a necessity to have a comfortable experience. Given that, the problem most tourists face is in the exchange of their currency over AED or UAE Dirhams. Strategic actions such as avoiding airport money exchange kiosks, staying clear of exchange spots that offer ‘zero fee’ services with hidden charges, and working with a bank in the home country can be of help in navigating this tricky affair of currency exchange. Even with such tips a tourist in Dubai may require a reliable currency exchange spot that offers reasonable and transparent exchange rates. Because most people prefer convenience over those tricky tips. Here are the best exchanges in UAE to choose from.

Top Places to Exchange Currency in Dubai

Top Places to Exchange Currency in Dubai

Global Exchange

Speaking of money exchange credibility is a decisive factor. And speaking of credibility we come across licenses. Global exchange is a unique and best exchange in UAE in that they play under licenses issued by UAE’s Ministry of Economy and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also in terms of tradition, they are in no way behind their competitors. Since it was founded in 1997 until now it established itself as a synonym for trust and transparency. The services offered by Global Exchange include foreign exchange and remittances. Contacts and collaboration with agencies in countries across the world stand as the foundation for their streamlined service with competitive exchange rates.

Al Ansari Exchange

With over 200 branches across the world and 70 branches within UAE Al Ansari Exchange is a well-established money exchange service in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Since its inception in 1966 till today they have been able to provide efficient and dependable services with competitive exchange rates. They also have a mobile application which gives a convenient access. However, some clients only consider physical stores as credible service providers. In that case, they are available at popular locations such as the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Al Fardan Exchange

An established parental institution gives credibility to this money exchange spot. Al Fardan group which has been in existence in the UAE since 1971 has one of the best money exchange in Dubai which ensures reliability and safety. Their connections with 150+ banks and financial institutions add up to this credibility factor. With over 70 branches in the UAE, they are accessible at most of the popular malls in the Emirates. Mall of Emirates, Dubai Festival City Center, Nakheel Mall, and Onyx Tower are some prime locations that have their presence.

Al Roshtamani International Exchange

This is a money exchange spot that caters to individuals and corporate clients alike. They offer services like currency exchange, commercial foreign exchange, and retail remittance. With about 31 branches across UAE ARIE is another competitor in the money exchange market that offers competitive exchange rates. They are accessible at popular destinations such as Karama Center and Mall of the Emirates.

GCC Exchange

Here is another best exchange in UAE that strives to simplify money exchange procedures. They are established and well-known for a customer-centric attitude. For an individual who is perplexed by the intricacies of money exchange, GCC Exchange is the best place to begin with. They even have a loyalty program called Green Card. It provides opportunities to avail discounts and special offers for their loyal customers. Jebel Ali and Al Fahidi are their popular locations.

Sharaf Exchange

Owned by the Sharaf Group, Sharaf Exchange LLC is a financial service established in UAE in 1996. With a commitment to provide excellent customer service, they have a loyalty program called Usrati. Not to mention, the competitive exchange rates and reliable retail and corporate financial services. They are available at the Sharaf building, City Centre Deira, and Mercato shopping mall among other places in Dubai.

All that is left is to make is the right choice. Your choice should be weighed on the services offered, credibility, compliance, transparency, and competitive exchange rates offered by the exchange companies in Dubai.