1AED 22.1935 INR   1AED 62.26 PKR   1AED 14.93 PHP   1AED . 12 EGP   1AED 5.10 JOD   1AED 29.12 BDT   1AED 99.28 LKR   1AED 35.53 NPR   1AED 2.52 AUD   1AED 9.69 BHD   1AED 2.69 CAD   1AED 3.92 CHF   1AED EUR   1AED 0.33 EUR   1AED 0.060 EUR   1AED 4.45 GBP   1AED 0.428 HKD   1AED 0.00018 IDR   1AED 11.70 KWD   1AED 0.31 MAD   1AED 0.75 MYR   1AED 2.31 NZD   1AED 9.48 OMR   1AED .95 QAR   1AED . 9675 SAR   1AED 2.72 SGD   1AED .092 THB   1AED 3.90 EUR  
Global Exchange

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Global Exchange is the finest Exchange house in UAE which has obtained the license to conduct money exchange and remittance business from Central Bank of The U.A.E. in 1997. Subsequently the necessary license to conduct Exchange Business was obtained from the Economic Department as well as Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Global Exchange is owned by Mr. Mohammed Nasser Abdul Razaq Al Razooki, a national of U.A.E. The company started its operation in 1997 and has secured business tie-ups with multiple countries.

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