Money Transfer to India

Send Money to India from UAE

If you have relatives living in India or you want to send money from UAE to India, we can help you through the process.
We know that international wire transfer can be a very tedious job. A lot of people are sceptical about the different processes they have to complete. Some are worried about the legal clause and hassles and other red herring that may be associated with it. This is why choosing the services of a company like ours makes things easier.
You can easily send money from UAE to India without any hassles whatsoever. We help you carry out remittances and use a lot of different ways to facilitate easy money transfer. This has widened our customer base and helped us excel in the field of currency exchange.
There are several ways to send money from UAE to India, and that could be confusing as well, especially if you are doing it for the first time. We can help you choose the best mode of transport, so the recipient gets the money faster.

send money from uae to india
Things to Consider When Sending Money to India

Global Exchange can help you send money to India in the most convenient and easy manner. We would also help you with the best time to send the money based on the exchange rates, and the speed at which you want to send the money to. Since not all the currencies hold the same value, we can help you with the best rate. Sending money to your family or friends should also be a hassle-free transaction, and we aim to make it all convenient for you, right from account creation to ensuring the recipients receive the money.

Why choose us

Global Exchange has years of experience in using the right channels to send money to people living all over the globe. We have a highly trained and skilled team who follow the exchange rates of different countries that can easily find the best channel and best rates to send your hard earned money with minimal fees, so you get the maximum value of the exchange rates. With our experience, the money will reach your loved ones as soon as possible. And we are transparent too, which means we can keep you in the loop of the exchange process. Call us today to send money from UAE to India.


You can transfer the money through our mobile application or visit our branch to send money from UAE to India. We provide debit cards, credit cards and quick transfer facilities to send money. We will discuss the most probable channel the customer prefers to send the money to, and based on urgency, we will make the arrangements for the transfer.

Yes, our team constantly monitors the exchange rates and foreign currency rates of all the currencies we deal with. We will be able to give you the exact rates while transferring money from UAE to India, and keep you updated on the market fluctuations.

We implement some key strategies that will ensure transfer of funds from UAE to India is safe and hassle-free. The channels of money transfer are quick and highly secure with your confidential information protected. We offer real time exchange rate information so there will be no unpleasant surprises later on.

Yes, there are regulatory compliances that you need to follow when you send money from UAE to India. We will apprise you of those and the documents that you have to sign while making large transfers. We do everything by the book so nothing will go wrong.

We know that transferring money is a critical job, and customers need to be assured of security, safety and quickness while making money transfers. We offer competitive rates, with no hidden fees, and our rates make us better when compared to sending money through banks. Thousands of customers send money through Global Exchange every week. We can send money from UAE to India on the same day itself if you are looking for same day transfers too.