Global Exchange UAE is one of the premium companies specialising in the best of money exchanges and remittances. As one of the top firms in this field, here is a snapshot of the services that we offer.

Currency Exchange

When you want to perform currency exchange in UAE, you have to ensure you are abiding by the rules and law. By choosing to avail our services, we can confirm that you don’t have to worry about the rules anymore. We will do that for you.

Commission free currency exchange

While it may sound incredible, we do not levy any commissions on your currency exchange. This is one of the key reasons why we have so many loyal customers. It truly gives us an edge over others.
Here are some of the standpoints of our services that make us exceptional.


We pride ourselves on transparency. Our transactions are all carried out in a transparent manner. We don’t have any hidden charges and this helps us build the right trust and faith.

Secure and regulated

When you choose us, you can rest assured that the transactions are all regulated and secure. You don’t have to worry about falling into any legal trap as we abide by all the rules, and guidelines.

Competitive pricing

We charge the most competitive rates and don’t believe in any kind of price inflation whatsoever. So, if you are looking for genuine services that come at the right rates, pick us.


As a specialist company, we provide the best currency exchange in UAE. We follow a unique set of strategies and actors that will provide you with competitive rates for your currency exchange. We perform market research and analysis and work cautiously understanding the fluctuations in the currency values, economic indicators and geopolitical events. We adjust the rates in real time following the market fluctuations and ensure that we meet the demand and supply factors for each currency that we work with.

Working with Global Exchange will solve all our currency problems because we promise a commission free currency exchange. And that’s not all. We provide the best services in exchange and transfer. We have strong partnerships with all the corresponding banks in various countries and financial institutions. Our secure transactions facilitate reliability and trust among our customers who follow our judgment and make the best transactions.

You can exchange currencies to so many different countries including the US, UK, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Palestine, China, Japan, Canada, Syria, Jordan, Turkey and more. As a trusted currency exchange in UAE, our team of specialists for each country watches the currency values of these countries in real time, and will provide you with the best rates, and update you on the market and currency fluctuations.

As the best currency exchange in Dubai, we assure and promise transparency in our currency exchange and transfer services. We will discuss the exchange rates in real time when you come in for the transfer/exchange. We follow online rate calculators, and will update you of the fluctuations so there will be no surprises when the transfer happens. Once the transaction happens, we will share a detailed overview of the transaction details and this will contain all that you wanted to know regarding the exchanged amount, rates and fees and other details.

We pride in utilizing advanced and sophisticated technology to provide the best services in currency exchange for our clients. We leverage the latest data analytics tools to understand and analyze customer behavior, transaction patterns and market trends. Through this data-driven approach, we will be able to make informed decisions during exchanges and make the transactions professional and with zero errors. This is how we became providers of the best currency exchange in UAE.