"You”, “your", “Consumer” or "Customer” means the customer. "We", "our" and "us" refers to Global Exchange Sole Establishment, licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE”.

Financial product's features

Remittances: Customers can send and receive remittance, both locally and internationally.

Foreign Exchange: Buy and Sell of Foreign currencies locally.

The remittance and foreign exchange require a signed request by the Customer and presenting a valid identity identification.

For remittance the customer should provide the beneficiary details, like – Beneficiary name, Account number, IBAN, IFSC, SWIFT or whichever bank identification.

Customer can place TT cancellation request, prior to transaction being executed & processed.

The Fund transferred can be recalled after execution subject to other financial institutions approval /availability of the fund and beneficiary debit authority.

Fund Transfer can be requested only through branches.


SI no Country Name Charges in AED
6TRYDepends on the amount
7LBPDepends on the amount
8EGPDepends on the amount
9MYRDepends on the amount
10USADepends on the amount
11CADDepends on the amount
12PALESTINEDepends on the amount

Cooling off period

No Cooling-Off Period: It is the responsibility of the consumer to thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions before finalizing a transaction. In the absence of a cooling-off period, any concerns or queries regarding the terms should be addressed prior to the transaction execution.

Key Terms and Conditions

  • Remittance/FC Exchange do not involve third party transactions, Money Laundering or Terrorism Financing.
  • All transactions will be subject to the AML/CFT laws & regulations issued by Central Bank of the U.A.E and the receiving country, the sender and/or beneficiary may be asked to provide necessary evidence or clarification to prove authenticity of the funds involved for effecting payment or refund.
  • All customer information and supporting documents must be provided as per requirements of local and international regulations. The transaction may be blocked if found suspicious. The sender and beneficiary will be fully responsible for providing necessary evidence about any query, including source of fund, to prove the legitimacy and legality of the information and fund involved as well as any follow ups required with the concerned authorities to affect the payment or claim a refund. In such cases Global Exchange will not bear any responsibility.
  • Transfers/Remittance are considered executed and delivered unless a claim is received within Three Months from date of remittance was made.
  • Global Exchange reserves the right to use services of intermediary banks/ financial institutions for the execution of this transfer.
  • Currency once sold or bought can be returned only with a new transaction at prevailing rate.
  • Customers must ensure the correctness of the transaction and are advised to verify the details on the receipt before leaving the counter. Upon signing the receipt, the customer confirms and acknowledges the correctness, authenticity and legality of the details and will be held responsible for the same.
  • The remitter thereafter will be fully liable for any ins and outs which are not limited to Misrepresentation, Omissions, Losses, Errors and Negligence, Fraudulent cases.
  • Customers are advised to proceed with the transaction only after obtaining full and thorough information on the products, services, rates or any changes on the system or process of Global Exchange. The staff or management of Global Exchange cannot be held responsible for delays in pay-outs or any other issues thereafter.
  • Cancellation of a transaction can only be processed once the customer produces the original receipt and identification document at the counter. Transaction will not be refunded to a third party under any circumstances even with an authorization letter by the actual sender.
  • In case of any refunds, Global Exchange has the rights to avail the necessary charges incurred for the transactions including that of the correspondent networks.
  • Global Exchange reserves the right to recover in any amount paid in excess to the customer due to errors or oversights.
  • Global Exchange reserves the right to change its service Terms and Conditions or products or business decisions without any prior notice to the customer.
  • “Transaction amount may be subject to additional costs and additional Fees may be imposed by the correspondent bank or financial institution providing financial services to the beneficiary of the remittances”.
  • Global Exchange may refuse to execute any requests, instructions or services requested by the Customer if the Customer fails to comply with the necessary procedures; or if the information or data are incorrect or are in violation of the law applicable in the United Arab Emirates.

Customer Acknowledgement

I/We acknowledge the receipt of and understanding of this Key Fact Statement. I/We also acknowledge that I/We have an understanding of the product/service features, pricing, benefits, risks, fees and terms and conditions as detailed in the Key Fact Statement. I/We acknowledge and agree that the provision of any services shall be at the Global Exchange discretion and subject to all applicable terms and conditions of the Global Exchange.

Complaint Process and Procedures

Any branch.
Contact no; 0565150807
By post: Global Exchange, Liwa Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE,112875

We will acknowledge your compliant within 2 business days and strive to respond to your complaint within an average of 5 business days.

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