Transfer money to Philippines

Through Global Exchange, you can now send money from Dubai to Philippines easily, and without any hassle, because we follow the safest and easily trackable method to send the money. There are different ways to send money to your family or loved one on Philippines, and you can go for cheaper versions too. If the recipient bank has a branch overseas and also in Dubai, then the rates will be cheaper. International Wire Transfer, Money Transfer services like Wise, XendPay, Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit and Xoom are also quite popular methods. And they are as good as the traditional sending channels, often cheaper and faster because of the reliability and security factor.
If you choose to send money from Dubai to Philippines through Money Transfer Services, then you can opt from the three methods - Bank transfer, cash pickup, door-to-door delivery and often another option - mobile money. Bank transfer is also a preferred method of transferring funds, and we can get money to your recipient's bank account with the help of a partnership bank. Let our experts handle the nuances that come with the bank transfer, and help you through it.
Cryptocurrencies are popular in the Philippines, and the good news is that we offer this method of transferring funds too. We can help you choose your digital assets to send money to the recipient in the Philippines. When you are ready to send money to Philippines, you need to have certain things ready. For one, you must have the money all readied to be sent. You just have the recipient’s name and address as it appears in their official documents.
There are a few other methods to send money from Dubai to Philippines as well. If you are looking for a door to door delivery for fund transferring, you must have a mobile number of the recipient as well. And if you are sending to a bank account, make sure to have the necessary codes and complete details of the bank, along with the account number of the beneficiary. You must also have a government issued ID card and other necessary documentation, if required before you are authorised to send money. You might also have to provide other verification documents if the amount to send is higher than normal. But there is nothing to worry here, because we can guide you through the entire process. Just get in touch with us, and we can make it a smooth sail experience.