At Global Exchange, we take great care to protect our customers from any type of frauds. We would, thus, advise you not to respond to any communication asking you to provide your personal data/bank/card information. Any such request is a Phishing activity intended to steal money from you.

Fraud can be committed in different ways and different settings, common mediums include:

  •     Phone calls
  •     SMS
  •     WhatsApp
  •      Email
  •      Social media

Protect yourself from Unauthorized/Fraud/Suspicious transactions If you notice any suspicious/unauthorized/fraud transaction(s), please immediately report the details to us through: Global Exchange Customer Service number:02-6222078,0589314053 Or you can also send an e-mail at: Some tips that will help protect you against Fraud.

  •     Never send money to someone you have not met in person and confirm emergency situations are real before sending money
  •     Remain vigilant and do not share sensitive personal details with anyone
  •     Report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities immediately
  •     Use secure internet connections
  •     Confirm the credentials of the person contacting you
  •     Don’t click on suspicious links
  •     Never send money to unverified sourcessuch as online purchase, Anti-virus protection, deposit or payment on a rental property, claim lottery or prize winnings, pay taxes, donation to charity, Mystery shopping assignment, Job opportunity, Credit card or loan fee, Resolve an immigration matter.

Types of Fraud

Email Scam

  •      Fake email from bank claiming that the account is frozen for security reasons and that the customer should call a number found in the email.
  •     The person picking up the phone will grab the customer’s details giving the fraudsters access to the customer’s bank account/details

Lottery Scam

  •      Fake message from Global Exchange claiming that a person has won a certain promotion
  •     Fraudster will require some information which they will use to access to accounts
  •     These messages are being aggressively shared and Global Exchange has been warning the general public against them for years

Phone Fraud

  •      Fraudsters will pose as bank employees
  •     They will claim that your account is frozen
  •     They will connect you to an automated system that will ask for your card details and security code
  •     They will send you a SMS under the name of a law enforcement with a “OTP” to try establish legitimacy
  •     Your bank/law enforcement would never ask for your personal details
  •     Never share your One Time Password (OTP) with anyone, they can commit fraud if they have it

  • Social Media Fraud

    •      Fake accounts on social media channels, impersonating Global Exchange with logo’s, banners & posts to confuse customers, may send across friend requests or claim campaign winners, do not fall for such

    Data privacy

    •     Emirates ID number, date of birth, bank account details and much more can be breached by fraudsters
    •     Fraudsters will use this information to hack into your bank accounts, social media accounts etc

    You can also reach out to your issuing bank and below police authorities to report fraud on Fraud/Unauthorized Transaction(s).

    Dubai Police


    Abu Dhabi Police


    Toll-free number 901
        E-crime online platform


    “Aman” service hotline at 800-2626