Send money from UAE to Pakistan

Global Exchange has an impressive track record if you are looking for a trusted resource to send money from Dubai to Pakistan. This is one of the most favourite locations for people who work in Dubai, because most of the people who work there are Pakistanis. They have migrated for better pay and better work life. This necessitates sending money from Dubai to Pakistan, mostly to family members.
What you need is a trusted channel by which you can send your hard earned money. This is where we come into picture. We know the best methods by which you can send money from Dubai to Pakistan in a safe and effective manner.

send money from Dubai to Pakistan

As a money exchange company operating in UAE, we are fully aware of the key details. We will help you out. Here are some of the things you can associate with our services.

Safe & Secure Money Transfers to Pakistan


All your data will remain confidential and can’t be accessed by anyone who is not authorised to do so.


our transactions are cent percent safe. We emphasise very heavily on the need to execute transactions that are safe.


we don’t take a lot of time to execute the money exchange transactions. Our transactions are done in record quickness and we pride ourselves on the speed.


Our company supports wired transfers to several countries. This makes us a one stop solution where you can send money anywhere in the world sitting from our Dubai office.
So, pick our reliable services and enjoy the perks.

What's Needed to Send Money to Pakistan from Dubai

There are a few straightforward steps to send money from Dubai to Pakistan. You need to have the full information of the recipient, including their phone number and address. Then you need to have the bank details, complete with bank name, branch name, branch address, and account number. You must also enter your full name and contact information, accompanied by the government issued ID and proof of passport.
When you are ready to transfer the amount of choice, you can determine how to fund the transfer. Consider the options like bank account transfer, debit card, credit card or cash, depending on what your requirement is, and what the service provider charges. Then you need to choose a money transfer service or provider. There are some exchange rates and fees associated with the transfer and it will depend on the provider. Go for the rates that seem best for you. We can help you get the best rates for your transfer. You also need to have an approved and recognised government issued ID card to transfer the money.

Things to Consider When Sending Money to Pakistan

When you send money from Dubai to Pakistan, you have to follow certain mandatory steps to ensure its credibility and legality. Having a bank account is the first important step, of course. You also need to have a debit card or a credit card. You also need to consider the amount, the delivery method and the transfer speed. The exchange rate will also vary. Getting the right provider is another important factor because you don't need the burden of hidden exchange rates. We have many providers so we can help you provide the best possible comparison when you send money from Dubai to Pakistan. Our processes are transparent and honest, so you don't have to worry about any hidden charges.


You can send money from Dubai to Pakistan using our mobile application. You can come to our branch to send large amounts of money from UAE to India. There are other options like debit card, credit card or you can make use of our quick transfer facilities.

Yes, the Global Exchange team is updated on the latest exchange rates and will give you real time rates when you send the money. We are proud to tell you that we don't charge a commission for currency exchange.

Security and confidentiality are our second names when it comes to sending money, following the exchange and currency rates. We use the fastest channels when you want to send money from Dubai to Pakistan. The transfer process is secure, and nobody will be able to duplicate your confidential information or hack your account because we update our security systems to ensure there are no loopholes.

Yes, you need to show certain general documents when sending money from Dubai to Pakistan. These include your passport, valid government issued ID, EMirates ID or other recognised ID. Then you will have to state the purpose of translation and for whom the funds are being sent. There will be a remittance form that you will have to fill out, followed by details of the beneficiary, the beneficiary bank account and your relationship with them. We can help you prepare all these documents to ensure a smooth fund transfer.

We know sending money is a very critical job that requires transparency, trust, reliability and knowledge. Our combined expertise in fund transfer will ensure you will have no trouble when you want to send money from Dubai to Pakistan. You can rely on us for quick money transfers, and large fund transfers